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General information

Future in nature – organic luxury

The unique SUNMOON collection is exclusively hand-made by the use of solid wood, leather, bamboo, rattan and palm fibers. The hypo-allergenic furniture, lihting and accessory items identify the space either in classical, modern or contemporary stlye, while stay supple.

Eco Chic – environmentally sustainable design

Final issue stays the possible nearest to the genuine nature. Beside the maximalist quality control this professional elaboration is built on innovative solutions and environmental protection. Designers start to create from raw materials answers on environmental effects. Finally these minimalist or just organic structures are long-lasting both in private and public spaces.

Beyond interior design, SUNMOON brands provide exceptional outdoor selection!

  • ABACA \ Palm fiber\

    ABACA \ Palm fiber\

    Abaca (Musa Textilis) is commonly known as Manila hamp, is a tree-like herb ressembling to banana plant. It is the strongest natural fiber in the world and it is salt water resistant. It is grown mainly in its native Philippines since the 16th century and it was used as ships’ rigging before the development of nylon. Abaca comes in two colours depending on where the fiber is taken from: natural blond and dark brown. Ideal to humid places just like to wellness caves and also to any kind of interior or exterior where the anti-allergenic, organic materials are needed.

    Abaca’s textile is TINALAK: elegant, easy to clean and long-lasting fabric with its genuine gloss! Sustainable palm fiber rise again in the interior design trends because it is quickly reproducible and healthy.

  • BURI \ Palm fiber \

    BURI \ Palm fiber \

    The most stately and tallest of the Philippine palms, buri (Coryphaelata Roxb.) is found throughout most islands and provinces of the Philippines. It is a material from which three kind of fibers, namely buri, raffia and buntal, are obtained. Almost every parts of this tree is exploited from its massive trunk to the typical fan leaves: the most generous from all is the leaf spine: massive and flexibile with a length up to 5 meters. Previously buri was essential in the utensil production. In our days, with the dinamicly growing demand of recycle and naturality, buri afresh became the center of interest. For the high-end market of furnishment and home goods its durability and stability opened the doors.

  • BAMBOO \ Cane \

    BAMBOO \ Cane \

    Bamboo is the tallest and most primitive of grasses. Exceedingly flexible and stress-resistant, is an endless regenerative ressource and symbolise long life in Eastern culture. Standing alone, the bamboo culm can grow up to one meter in a single night, and after the first year it lignifies. This rapidly regenerating row material became highly important both for the indoor and outdoor furniture industry. The accurate and professional preparation followed by the innovative handwork: conforming to the quality requests of private clinics and luxury hotels.

  • RATTAN \ Cane \

    RATTAN \ Cane \

    Rattan is the stem or trunk of a climbing palm that belongs to the genus Calamus, meaning swamp plants. The vine-like plant grows vertically for about a meter and then begins to climb an adjacent tree. Rattan reaches lengths up to 200 meters. There are hundreds of species, but only a few are suited for furniture making. In the early days, rattan was used for rigging small boats, for hauling and balling, as supports for suspension bridges, and for lashing the bamboo frameworks of thatched houses. Rattan often forms the structural base of Kenneth Cobonpue designs. Plasticity is one of rattan’s extraordinary characteristics.

    Read more about Kenneth Cobonpue’s Rattan Processing Innovation, here.

  • COW LEATHER \ Leather \

    COW LEATHER \ Leather \

    SUNMOON’s Italian collection is made of premium cow leather imported from the most prestigious suppliers located worldwide. Arrive in various colours and hand-stitches.

    KC designs are made of reconstituted and laminated cow leather which makes it water-resistant and long-lasting, presented with printed or treated surface occasionally with hand-stitched finish. Generally coming in two tones: dark brown and toffee.



    Wood is a hard, fibrous material which is the principal strengthening tissue found in the stems and roots of trees and shrubs. It is one of the most abundant and versatile natural materials on earth, and unlike coal, ores and petroleum, is renewable with proper care. We use imported hardwoods such as oak, walnut and maple and local hardwood such as mahogany for our furniture.

    by its waterproofness, mahogany is a popular row material of varied trade. Its reddish tone and extreme durability makes mahogany one of the most important exotic woods of the world.

    exclusive, substantial and valuable timber. By its characteristic pattern and hardness furniture industry use it overall.

  • POLYETHYLENE \ Eco-friendly plastics \

    POLYETHYLENE \ Eco-friendly plastics \

    Our exterior furniture is hand-woven from a highly durable synthetic blend of polyethylene or polythene (PE) PE is produced for us by various companies including Dedon’s headquarters in Lüneburg. The fiber is washable, extremely easy to maintain, and resists salt or chlorine water, high or low temperatures (from -20 up to 60 degrees), ultraviolet light, dirt, microorganisms and body lotion. Additionally, PE is an environmentally friendly material, non-toxic and fully recyclable.

  • FABRICS and CARPETS \ Textiles \

    FABRICS and CARPETS \ Textiles \

    We use indoor linen and fabric produced for us by the most exclusive mills mostly in Europe, customised by your needs. Sunbrella USA provide us outdoor grade fabric which is guaranteed to be extremely durable, UV-resistant and colorfast beyond its elegant style and wide range of choice.

    arrive from several point of the world, made by hand or machine. Can be made of 100% NZ wool, acrilic, luxury silk or their combination. Available in wide range of choice: order by style, colour and by custom design.