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Kenneth Cobonpue, Christy Manguerra, Luisa de los Santos, Kai Igot, Hae Young Yoon, Brad Stebbing


Hive traces its origins back in 2001, when a group of friends acted upon a vision producing lighting and accessories. Inspired by Giulio Capellini and his concept of the design house, Hive developed into a design and manufacturing facility where various designers can create for production under one roof. Hive resonates of busy occupants working incessantly, producing an expanding line of lighting and accessories both stunning and versatile. Built as a design habitat for designers and artisans, Hive cultivates an environment of creative freedom coupled with a strong sense of aeshetic discipline. The result is a variety of original forms, textures, and idea sin clever and invigorationg expressions.


Garnering most inspiration from nature (form or material) and fusing it with a deep respet for handmade production techniques, Hive finds its niche and identity with products that blend locally-sourced, self sustaining organic materials such as rattan or abaca and traditional processes with modern design and innovation. The retention of traditional hand-working methods allows Hive to preserve a component of culture for future generations to come. Hive products exude the beauty inherent in nature with the freedom and creativity of the human mind. Examples of some design influences include the fascination with creatures of all shapes and sizes, gargantuan mythical dragons and mcroscopic bateria, and quirky technologies born out of raw imagination like mummified branches and exploding twigs – all indicative of nature’s wonders in both the ral and imaginary worlds.


Their innovative and sustainable designs are world-known today. Hive created a new concept which became the leader in the world trends and of contemporary interior design tendenc y.


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