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Luisa de los Santos-Robinson


     “Understand the nature of things and create from within.”

Luisa de los Santos Robinson: world famous industrial designer and mother. Her elegant furnitures and home accessories combine high quality function & aesthetics.

Collaborates successfully with Kenneth Cobonpue since he moved back to Cebu Island in 1996. She is one of the founders of M8 and HIVE.


     Luisa is an advocate of modernism and clean designs.
She puts emphasis of materiality, on the substance in design inherent in a material which leads to a synthesis of form and function. She instills life in her creations with her ingenious use of exotic materials like turnsole, cocosticks, cocotwings, wild cinnamon, cinnamon burl, wild liana, exotic wood veneer, fossilized stones – to name a few.

Her specialities are the organic shape home accessories made by hand from resin & natural fibers. Tradition and innovation appear together in her works.


Design history follows her activity since about a decade. Multi-awarded furniture and accessory designer.


As a founder of M8 she participated in dozens of luxury hotel projects as interior and furnishment designer or consultant.