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Kenneth Cobonpue


      "From the strart, I was seeking a fresh sensibility to embrace and develop with regard to design. I didn't find it in Milan. Nor in New York. I found it closer to home in the tropical island of Cebu."

Kenneth studied industrial design in New York’s Pratt Institute. He also apprenticed for a leather and wood workshop in Italy, then studied furniture-marketing and worked in Germany for years. He returned to Cebu island to his mother’s factory.

Integrating locally sourced natural materials with innovative hand-made production techniques offered an alternative to the Western definition of modern design. He became well-known world-wide int the ’90s, today he is not only in the most prominent projects, but the favorite brand of Hollywood stars and movie makers, to their home and for their films too.


      “...I occupy a niche in the world of furniture design because I use all these natural materials that you find only in Asia.

People are more relaxed nowadays and I incorporate that in my work. People sit lower, sofas are deeper and the mood is casual.

People also travel a lot and they want to bring a piece of the world to their homes. I hope my work reminds them of this corner of the world and the beauty found in our people and culture.”

Both his designs and production techniques are innovative and unique. He starts with the material which gives the organic shape and long-lasting durability of his furniture and accessories.


He appeal in Design Year Book (2002, 2004, 2005), Design NOW! (2008), won 7 Katha Award, 3 Best Design Award, Japan’s Best Design Award, Coup d’Coeur Awards.


Nobu restaurants (US, HK), Amirandes Hotel (Crete), Fontana Park Hotel (Lisbon), Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Mexico), Motif Lounge (US), The Vine Hotel (Madeira), Z bar (Cebu) W Hotels (Maldives).  He works on average 20 projects per year.