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Ann T. Pamintuan


      “My creations are expressions of life’s raw elegance.”

Well-known and innovative sculpture of artistic furnishment. She combines two seemingly opposite sensations; the coldness and hardness of metal and the flowing elegance of her designs. Through Ann’s designs, metal is no longer seen as a harsh reminder of stiffness but a malleable medium of sensual beauty. She is teaching design and lead a mission to give profession to the younger generation couple of decades ago.


     “The purpose was to propel the Philippines into becoming a design leader in Asia. We have shown how we manipulate natural materials. My metal is raw. It also expresses my personality. I just want to create something extraordinary from the ordinary. Take GI (galvanised iron) wire and the way I weld it. It’s an inexpensive material that is hand-welded. When you put all the elements together, it results in something that has never been done.”

Jewelry designer turned furniture maker Ann takes the tropical-meets-modern equation and turns it on its head: she gives her steel furniture the fragile texture of orchid roots or ribbons of seaweed, as in her spherical Cocoon chairs...


International Design Yearbook 2004, Best Design Award, 3 times Katha Award


High quality hospitality and restauration projects. Her specialities are the custom-made furnishment, sculptural pieces, innovative solutions.In her free time she makes unique sculptures!