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Designer / manufacturer

Carlo Cordaro


"Ambiance is a must for the creation to be a masterpiece."

Cebu Fil Veneer Corporation was established in 1986, making it as one of the pioneers in the veneering industry in the Philippines as well as a founding company in the Mactan Economic Zone.


This Italian firm distinguished itself in the top-caliber production of high quality sliced veneer, created out of genuine Filipino craftsmanship utilizing state of the art Italian machinery.
During the years the company diversified and went down stream, building a fully-integrated wood-working manufacturing process in order to produce top end quality furniture.
The company adheres to the strictest European environmental rules in the materials it uses and the processes that it observes.

Our flexibility and versatility makes sure that we can also accommodate Hotel contract, restaurants and interiors.


Cebu Fil Veneer Corporation offers a wide range of products which are 100% designed, developed and manufactured in-house.Aside from the exclusive line for our associate " atelier a ", we also supply to high-end furniture companies, retailers and even for famous brands worldwide.


Our R&D Department, and our way of conceptualizing the modern furniture, together with our in-depth studies and the use of technologies made possible for us to pioneer the use of materials like the totally "green bamboo and palm" in a very innovative way, since the year 2000.